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Our story

Spend the night in style
on a historical site
in Belgium

Once a thriving coal mining company in the middle of the 20th century. Currently a magical mix of B&B, restaurant, event venue and exhibition space. That’s right, De Koolputten is a must do, must see and must discover with an impressive story. Always dreamed of having dinner or spending the night on a historical site in Belgium? This is your chance!

Want to jump in our time machine

Our story

You’ve just traveled a 100 years back in time! On our historical site in Belgium at the banks of the Durme you find a smart port, where ships import and export goods such as coals, grain, corn, building materials, animal feed and mussels.



The Schelfhout family turns the site into thé economic hub of the Durme region. In addition to a prosperous coal mining company, they now own a busy inn, a mansion and various warehouses, workers’ houses and stables.

Our story

De Koolputten at the Durme bridge


But times are changing. In the 1980s people hardly ever buy coals and the site goes into decline. There’s almost nothing left of the enterprise that used to be so prospering.

Our story


Fortunately, the Vereecken family, descendants of the Schelfhout family, decide to do something about it and to protect the heritage site. They reconstruct the place entirely, taking into account its original form and floor plan, and restore it to all its glory.

Time’s up, what a journey it’s been! Nowadays, De Koolputten not only is a valuable meeting place, but also a real tourist attraction, full of authenticity, with a modern touch. Would you like to spend the night on a historical site in Belgium? Our venue is what you’re looking for.

Our story

Have you already
noticed our logo?

It represents the spectacular Mirabrug, which is situated next to our historic site and which will surprise you with an equally fascinating story. Did you know that the Mirabrug…

  • was partially blown up by the local population during World War I, in order to protect themselves against the Germans?
  • is named after the movie Mira (1917)? This is a film adaptation, based on the novel De teleurgang van de Waterhoek by Stijn Streuvels, with a script by Hugo Claus and with Jan Decleir in the lead.
  • is protected as a monument ánd as an architectural heritage?
  • is an important starting point of some beautiful hiking and cycling tours, such as Den Bunt (7,5 km)?

Always wanted to explore a unique historical site in Belgium?

Take your chance and recharge your batteries in a remarkable historic setting at De Koolputten.