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Want to organize an impressive event or pay us a spontaneous visit?

At the Koolputten, you’ll always enjoy a unique experience in a unique setting.

A beautiful symbiosis:
host your event at our exclusive venue
in Waasmunster

Looking for the ideal event venue in Waasmunster to organize your event? You’ve found it! From astonishing private parties to remarkable business gatherings, at De Koolputten we turn every event into an unforgettable experience. Our stunning hotspot has an exceptional atmosphere where recreation, tourism and business are in perfect harmony with each other.

Your event in the middle of a historic setting

Wondering why our events are so spectacular? The answer is simple: De Koolputten has got it all. Do you want to treat your guests to a gastronomic menu, a comfortable overnight stay or an artistic exhibition? Anything is possible at our event venue in Waasmunster.

Event venue
Event venue

Our unique event location in the Waasland region combines the authenticity of the former coal mining company with a more modern look. We’ve transformed the tavern into an exhibition area and turned the warehouses into a restaurant, bar and festivity hall. Our venue is located in the midst of a stunning natural landscape, but is at the same time close to the E17.

The cherry on the cake? We have a lovely team who helps you make the most out of every event. You can hire them either for reception, catering or event management.

Facilities at our event venue in Waasmunster

We provide:

  • Wi-Fi
  • playground
  • air conditioner
  • gastronomic catering
  • terrace overlooking the Durme
  • room capacity up to 300 people, easily accessible for people with disabilities
  • free, spacious parking area

Your own custom-made event?

Would you like to organize a memorable event at our unique event location?
Feel free to come along and find out what our venue has to offer.
We’d love to have a chat as well, so we can answer all of your questions.

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Event venue

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